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Default Major Humonica Update

I've just released v3.0.0 v3.0.1 of Humonica, and there are some big changes in there. I would appreciate feedback!

The two major features are:
  • "fixed spectrum" mode - instead of taking its timbre from the input audio, you can draw a spectrum with the mouse
  • "sweep" section - per-note timbre-shift envelopes to simulate filter sweeps

The combination of these two means Humonica can actually be used as a standalone synth, with no input audio required. In particular, you can produce pseudo-filter sweeps with very sharp cutoffs.

Here's an example of using it as synthesiser - every synth is Humonica, and there are no actual filters, it's all timbre-sweeps. Here's an example of filter sweeps using input audio (you can't really tell I'm saying "hello" under all that, but the natural input gives it some great timbres).

Previous presets and projects should still be compatible. Known bugs:
  • aliasing under some circumstances (I've tackled some of it, not all) - this has always been true, but fixed-spectrum mode makes it more obvious
  • might not support 192kHz samplerate - should be fixed now

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