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+ Added ctrl + marquee for multiselect
+ Added (optional) use of track colors.
+ Added system that will allow to use multiple key/mouse bindings (although there is no front end yet!).
+ Added doubletap escape = close window
+ Added hover over signal cables to visualize signal cable.
+ Swapped default behaviour doubleclick (now opens FX chain)

@foxAsteria, Yeah, I found that bug while looking at kmkrebs's bug
They weren't related, but fixed in the same commit.

I can't detect whether any floating windows exist, but I did add a shortcut which if you doubletap escape quickly, it will close the main window. Single press will still close the floating windows. Hope this works for you.

I think the passthrough has come up in the feature requests before. And yeah, that would pretty much be it.

I have put the groundwork in for different keymappings, replacing hardcoded keys with references to a map, but haven't included any alternatives yet.
Tomorrow I might have a little time to look at this, but after that I will be preoccupied with some other work for a few weeks. I will get back to this project afterwards though. In case you get impatient regarding rebinding the keys, the mappings are at the top of the script, and should be relatively easy to edit now.

It looks something like this. It's basically a map with all the modifier options (LMB = left mouse button, MMB, middle etc). 0 means the modifier has to be off for this to be triggered. 1 means it must be on, 2 means it can be in any state. Keycodes you won't need unless you start adding things that involve the keyboard. nil just means no key involved.
-- 0 must be off, 1 must be on, 2 = don't care; keystroke nil means, don't check
--                               LMB   RMB   MMB   DBL   CTRL    ALT   SHIFT   Keycode
keys.openSinkControl    = {        1,    2,    2,    2,     2,     2,      2,      nil }    -- lmb
keys.openSinkControl2   = {        2,    1,    2,    2,     2,     2,      2,      nil }    -- rmb
If you decide to make your own layout (and tested it), I can easily add it as an option. The plan is to eventually have a few layouts that work between which one can choose.

@brainwreck; I would also like to display midi data, but for now, the currently playing midi notes/command don't seem to be accessible from lua as far as I can see. I might have some idea how this could be accomplished despite this, but this will have to wait until I have time to work on this project again in a few weeks.
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