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Originally Posted by cool View Post
Great script, thank you! Works very well for me, but i have one little issue with "mpl_Bypass all FX except instruments on all tracks.lua": this script bypassing only first instance SampleOMatic in the FX list, ignoring subsequent.
It (bypass script) also does not seem to unite undo points. With a large number of plugins in the FX list, it writes a huge number of values to the undo list after each use of the bypass script.

I apologize, that everything is in this topic. The issues relate more to the bypass script "mpl_Bypass all FX except instruments on all tracks.lua".
It is offtopic. Post issues in related common thread (link in my signature). In case of mentioned script. Reaper API doesn't have function to test any FX in chain is it effect or instrument. Only function return first instrument id.
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