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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
"Export selected items to RS5K instances" scripts

Ofcourse, thanks!

Is there any way to automate assignment?

Basically assign a matrix of items to notes in a specific order.

Essentially I have an nxm matrix of audio items that I'd like to assign to midi.

n <= 12 and m <= 10

basically I have them laid out like

a b c d e f

g h i j k l

m n o p q r

where the columns are suppose to be groups in the same midi octave(Doesn't matter which) and the rows are separate octaves.

e.g., the midi notes

1 12 24 36 ...
2 13 25 37 ...

I believe the scripts are written in lua and lua allows executing a string, so maybe one can enter in a mapping function(takes the ith item and returns a midi note value)?
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