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How can I set keyboard or MIDI shortcuts to switch the regions in region playlist? I want to switch the regions on Reaper like scenes on Ableton.

I have tried to use markers: set up a few regions and add them to Region Playlist and set infinite looping, add a marker at the start for every region and then start the playback in Region playlist. This way I can switch the regions by using Markers: Go to marker ... action. But I have an issue with that: once in a few minutes of the playback transport RANDOMLY ESCAPES THE LOOP and playback continues on the next measure :/ Also I have noticed that when jumping to other marker, in Region Playlist Monitoring window a message SYNC LOSS blinks shortly.

How can I safely switch infinite loops using the keyboard or MIDI controller?

Please help.

Reaper v5.961, Windows 10 Home, SWS 2.9.7
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