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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I look forward to using this plugin. Thanks!

A couple things:

1) Presets aren't included in the download, and I can't find them in your repo.

2) Updates to Spectral Analyzer (version 1.4) aren't showing in ReaPack (version 1.3 on my system shows as the most current, and won't update with ReaPack when synchronizing). Perhaps that's because the filename now has "MK2". (Fixed, thanks!)
Yeah sorry, I really messed up how the spectral plugin was being packaged. Took a few tries to fix it. I also made the 'default' the up to date one now. I kept the old ones in in case anyone got attached to that look/feel

Yeah, you are correct. I'm not sure how to best handle distributing them. I don't want the repo to accidentally start overwriting people's own presets. Maybe someone with more experience distributing jsfx can chime in on this

I've attached the ones I've made so far to this thread.
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