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Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
1) pretty sure Gearbox is very outdated - I think at some point they started offering free upgrade to a bit less outdated POD farm
It's all outdated as hell, lol. I did get POD farm with the original CD, but POD farm was dependent on the buffer size, unlike Gearbox. The more you increased it, the more the latency increased, while Gearbox always stayed latency-free. Sound's kinda **** though, but useful enough for monitoring.
Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
2) so nothing changed I see - the lowest buffer was always 128 samples, but personally never had problems with it while using in ASIO mode, plus the driver returns latency values pretty faithfully which helps with automatic latency compensation
It worked fine for me at 128 until you start using a lot of amp sims, as those tend to use a lot of juice. I couldn't get away with more than 4 at the same time without crackling. Now I can do 10 no problem, and maybe even more, I didn't even stress it further than that.
Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
3) having fast computer doesn't mean it works fluently, throttling speed demon will disrupt low latency audio no problem. You sure your computer ran at high performance power profile, or whatever it's called?

And what was the latency in WDM mode?
I'm not all too sure about the high performance mode, but I do know that on my old PC I set Reaper to High Performance via Task manager, and it did nothing to alleviate the crackling - if that's what you're talking about.

Latency is 5 ms right now at 64 using WDM, I can't even notice it.
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