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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I had assumed that, and was just letting you know how it worked (in case you were wondering).
Haha, yeah, sorry, I should've realized that. My brain's a bit fried lately. It's been a busy time at work

Originally Posted by Sju View Post
About the GUI:

1. it opens up like this
Whoops. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I've changed the size hinting to let reaper know it likes to be bigger.
Originally Posted by Sju View Post
2. the controls are very small. Would it be possible to have a BIG knob for each, especially the cutoff, reso, and drive? There's a lot of useful cutoff range in the couple of pixels of travel of the slider at the left side.
I've increased the size of the sliders (twice now ). I hope it's workable now.
Originally Posted by Sju View Post
3. How about an optional gain link between pre and post gain?
This is a good idea. I will consider adding this in a future version. You mean linking them in opposite directions or the same? It kind of depends on which filter you select what you would want I suppose?
Originally Posted by Sju View Post
PS. cool name btw nobody really came up with that before?
I have Meta from the discord to thank for that name. He came up with it. I was originally going to call it Filth filter after a Jeskola buzz effect I did in my teenage years (don't bother looking for it, It was too buggy to expose the public to it ). He then came up with Filther, which sounded a lot better

Also, the new filther has an RMS mode now. In this mode, the cutoff / resonance can be set directly to the value of the RMS signal (the one you see displayed in red).
For this mode to work nicely, set the maximum roughly to the maximum of the In signal you see under Dynamics, set the RMS time to a level where you see nice smooth curves.
Curve/Attack will affect how the dynamics variable is affected by the RMS value. Higher leads to longer attacks.
Inversion can invert the effect of RMS on the curve.
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