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Default Weird (I think) bug for key bindings

This really is amazing

I checked out admiral bumblebee's vid above and really dig his thinking about shortcuts and using key bindings. So much so that I was thinking about building a custom midi controller to control it (sticking to 8 tabs or less and using Bome midi translator to pass the key bindings)

However in some preliminary tests with the key bindings with regular keys, they were behaving erratically.

(I tried the gif thing with licecap but failed, sorry, I'll try to explain)

A simple 4 button key binding W,A,S,D (top, left, bottom, right respectively) worked as follows

W fired left, A fired bottom, S fired right, and D fired the back button (it lit up the gui and did not actually go up a menu) (the key binding hints showed as I had mapped them)

So they were all one off with the binding at the top not being fired at all. Hopefully that's clear. I really tried to read through this entire thread as it was as informative as it was entertaining but I really only made it a touch past half way. Hopefully this hasn't been gone over already.

Cheers to a job well done, really really looking forward to this!
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