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I have uploaded v0.96 of the extension to its repository. [EDIT: Now v0.961.]

The reason why this update was somewhat delayed, is that I was trying to figure out how to return long strings (for example, if dozens of files are selected in an Open File dialog) and strings that contain \0 characters (for example, packed Lua strings). Fortunately, Justin noticed my threads, and the upcoming version of REAPER will allow API functions to return such strings. The extension will therefore require an up-to-date version of REAPER.

The update is not yet available via ReaPack, but in the meantime if anyone is interested in testing the new functions, it can be downloaded and installed manually. It requires one of the recent dev versions of REAPER.

New functions:

* FindChildByID: (Thanks to amagalma for reminding me about this.) IDs seem to be a more reliable cross-platform way of getting child windows (such as the arrange view within the main window, or the piano roll within an MIDI editor), than searching by title ("trackview" or "midiview") or by Z order.

* Localize: If searching for standard windows such as "Actions" or "Navigator" by window title, localized (translated) titles should be used.

* Several ListView functions: Useful for finding selected items in any list window, such as the FX chain.

* Open files, save file and select folder dialogs.

Changed functions:

* All the "List" functions that previously stored long strings in ExtStates. These functions now return the long strings directly.

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