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Default Apply groove to media item not working

the only way I can get the groove tool to quantize a midi media item is by double-clicking on the groove or selecting the groove and then clicking the APPLY GROOVE button.
There is an action in the action list that I would like to put the keystroke Q on that would apply the groove to selected items (16 and 32) but it is not working for me. Even if I run it in the actions list nothing happens. I'm not sure if the groove selection is not being saved after the first use or if the action in the action list is not doing anything.

Please help. This would be my prefered Quantize method.

I would also recommend a way to apply the grove to the grid so you can adjust the grid or make the grid match whatever groove you select.

Furthermore having a simple dropdown menu or tool somewhere that would stay open and not take up a lot of space would be ideal.
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