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Steve, thank you for responding to me. I am fairly frustrated with the quantizing function in general so please forgive me if I'm a little spikey.

To answer your question here, the reason is I get the same result when I am zoomed out that things just quantize to 1 bar or 2 bars depending on the zoom level. This is true for all of these scripts to quantize a 1/4 or 1/8 or 16th. I am trying to figure out why. Aside from that I just want to set the grid or the groove and quantize to the grid or groove.

I just want to hit Q and keep going.
I do use input quantize a lot but for some projects where the groove or swing amount is crucial, this does not really apply.

When doing film or TV stuff have stuff locked down to the grid is very useful for editing and doing notes, so input quantize is great for all the filmy type of stuff but if I'm making some dub or trap stuff then I want to set a groove for the project is crucial and switching back an forth between 33% swing and 11% swing, for example, can make all the difference if a hat and snare work together.

basically, I just want to set the groove for the project or piece of music I am working on and then simply hit the letter Q to execute quantize. The only way I have found for this to work is to have the midi editor open somewhere so I can see the grid and swing value that is currently set and I have a custom action to all events and 2.Quantize selected events.
This is the only way I have found that I can quantize quickly and knowingly but I still have to be sure the midi editor is the top window...
In addition
I would rather not have my midi editor open because when I do want it open I want it open on my main monitor in front of me, not on the right.

I like the interactive toolbar but it does not stay in my template so I have t load it every time I start a new session then find a proper place for it. which renders it more trouble than it's worth to me.
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