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Originally Posted by Swi View Post
Thanks, Steve. I did an update last night and I get the same behavior.

I removed (and saved) my preferences folder (inside appdata/roaming) and booted up reaper then I imported everything but my reascripts from my previous configuration files added reapack and sws and I had the same issue.

Unless someone can tell me what not to install from my previous config files I will have to do this over and over again when I have time. I don't really have a day to figure this out.

Someone mentioned I should try a portable install but I just need to replace the version that is on my main daw. I don't understand how I would replace my main system install with a portable install when I have it done. I guess the advantage of the portable install is that I can go back and forth from it while I rebuild it?

This quantize function is the only thing that is giving me trouble and it is behaving the same for the me2beaset script the sr_script and the mpl_script. I will just quantize in the midi editor until I have time to start over from scratch but it seems very strange that this is my only problem. I am feeling like this issue is cased from a setting that I am just unfamiliar with.

Thank you again for all this.

What I would try: install the portable version. It will install in a different folder and not touch your main Reaper installation at all.

Then, DON'T import your settings, start fresh, install SWS and ReaPack.
Then, test install the scripts and check if they work, now.
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