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I must need to do a portable install. How do I move a portable install to my main install after I rebuild it though?

After updated reapack and reinstalling the quantize bundle

Steve your updated script does not work at all in the main window but it does work in the midi editor.

the "SWS/FNG: Quantize itme positions and midi note positions to grid" either crashed reaper or moves all the notes in the midi item to bar one beat one.

the "me2beast quantize midi note positions to project grid" works but only when I zoom in so the visibility is the same as the grid I want to quantize to.

I just updated the mpl_Quatize tool and it's working but only if I open the GUI and dial it in or it will use the last settings. This is okay but still a 2 step process.

It's weird that this seems to be my only issue. It just feels like a setting somewhere.
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