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Yeah, it's a bit of a pain. Do you know if there is a way to detect OS from within JSFX?

I wouldn't mind adding something that scales up the font or the whole UI on linux up if that'd help (and be possible).

As a hotfix, if you CTRL+F for setupGUI, you can see that retina_scaling is set to gfx_ext_retina there. Could just overwrite it with retina_scaling = 1.1 to scale the UI a bit. This would also make the fonts larger.

The following lines control the font size (also in setupGUI):
  widgetFontSize = widgetFontSize * font_factor;
  buttonFontSize = buttonFontSize * font_factor;
Finding a combination of settings modifications (scaling and additions to the font size) that look decent enough on linux would also be helpful to me.
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