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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
my good dudes I'm here. There was some power outage some time ago at my place which resulted burned PC.Bought new computer but my hard disk with all of my data got RIP too.I've send it to specialised company since all my life was on that disk.Got it back yesterday and all of data is recovered. I've lost my shit because this script was also on it.Now its time to backup all of it and upload to github.

RIP i5-750 2009-2018, it was a fucking beast of a cpu, overclocked on day one to 4.3ghz (it was a silicon lottery)
Sorry to hear that! Glad you got your data back though!

I've not been around for a while due to work but looking to get back into music after Xmas so can't wait to check this out and will donate some more money for sure. Looks like this has come along a massive amount
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