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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
[*]+ Takes: improve behavior of next/previous take actions with multiple items selected
Any chance of getting the old behavior back as an option?

I tend to record my L and R rhythm guitar takes on one track, duplicate that item to the next track, set the dupl to take 2, then select both and 'T' through takes of both items for a combination of *different* takes that sound good, ie. (1/5, 2/5) > (2/5, 3/5) > etc..

Now switching takes of multiple items that are set to different takes, syncs them all to the same take, ie. (1/5, 2/5) > (3/5, 3/5) > (4/5, 4/5) > etc.

I really liked the old behavior. I'm willing to downgrade if there's no chance of getting it back as an option. (This is my first post so apologies if I wasn't very clear.)
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