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Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by tompad View Post
Hi, this is funny! I had the same experience checking it out on my Win DAW
(downloading from BitBucket)! First I didn,t understand it but after opening
the downloaded file I saw that the downloaded file was just a html-file, not
the actual lua script! Dont know why BitBucket does this.....however one can
fix this by clicking the link and copy the text to a file on your computer
and save it with extension .lua and put it in Reaper folder Scripts.

Or - I attach the tompad_MusicMath.lua to this message:
On Bitbucket and Github there are also links to 'raw' versions which aren't html-ized.
In this case:

Or from here clicking the 'Raw' button:

How about making your scripts available in ReaPack btw?

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