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That shouldn't be a problem with a properly-wired, modern, ribbon or dynamic mic.

The 48V is common to the two balanced/differential signal wires so it's only 48V relative to ground. In a "properly wired" dynamic or ribbon mic there is no connection between the signal & ground wires. The ground is just a shield connected to the mic body so no current flows and the phantom power doesn't hurt anything.

An older "high impedance" mic with a 2-wire connection could be a problem or a mis-wired mic cable could be a problem.
I consider it better to be safe than sorry because it isn't just the wiring of the mic, it's that inevitable mistake when someone uses a TRS connector/patching or something similar. I'd go so far as to say the mic being wired properly is very rarely where the risk lives. I still consider it rare but when we get in a hurry, this is something someone can easily forget. I actually use a Cloud Lifter in front of my expensive ribbon, not because I need the gain per se, but because it runs off of phantom power itself and blocks it from the mic. That way if I make a silly mistake, the mic doesn't suffer.
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