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Edgemeal - But I still need the red record button on to monitor?

Meaning record light is on - but I am not recording...
Probably the most confusing record feature I have ever come across on a DAW

But I suppose I am used to every tape machine I have ever used has a monitor input switch/light - (the record button was for record)

Every other software I have ever used: the record button was for record
And decades on ProTools with a input switch (and red light record - means record).

Its been ages since I used Cubase - but from my recollection, the record RED light simple meant: Record

On big projects where I am constantly loading up different Reaper sessions, with lots of red light "record" buttons enabled (for monitoring inputs)
- it is a huge PITA to go through and check everything, so I can overdub without recording the tracks that are on monitor input.

sigh.... the red record means "maybe" it will record, maybe it is record disabled, maybe the red light is just on to monitor.

ALL of this silliness would be solved with a "i" monitor input button.

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