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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
1) Do you often play things that you don't want to record WHILE recording other things? Else it's a moot point. Don't hit Record unless you want to record.

B) Why not just record it anyway? MIDI recording is practically free and even audio is pretty cheap nowadays. Don't want to keep it? Delete it. If it just accidentally happens to be the best thing you've ever played, though, then you've got it and don't have to try to re-record it.

Like, this literally never comes up for me. I've never used "record disabled" and don't see any good reason I would.
Honestly, not bad points. Reaper has kind of forced me to move towards a mindset shift - namely, 'why not just record it anyway?' even when I'm just sketching things out. It's just a different way of thinking from other DAWs (I came from Cubase), which allow you to singularly monitor a track without arming it.

You're right, there's no concrete reason not to record any ideas you play - some people just prefer playing ideas without recording them because it's cleaner that way (until the idea is ready to be recorded)... which brings us to the 'disable record' function being the most moot function of this all - because the tracks are still in an 'armed' state even when disabled from recording.
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