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I have the same feeling as talustalus on this one, and recording everything is not a solution, would it only be because when we start playing doesn't mean that we are actually wanting the play to be in the project.

Worse : if the New recording trims existing items... option is engaged, we might loose previous record while just wanting to play few notes to test the sound. Sure, ctrl-Z is our friend in this case, but this leads to unnecessary moves and, to be honest, made me quickly become paranoid, using Reaper for any recording task. Overall, to hear what we are playing we have to check two buttons instead of one : not exactly a workflow helper...

And about recording everything, there is something in Cubase (at least, for MIDI) that solves the problem : the 'Retrospective record' feature (still waiting for this to be implemented in Reaper, by the way...). Two reasons why I carefully keep my Cubase 6.5 installation...
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