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Originally Posted by Bri1 View Post
ello-yes this is already possible- try the midi button there for should either trigger the single expo or,reset the other types cycles to start over.
There's still quite a few gremlins lurking,so caution is advised atmo for 'production uses'.
once this is stabilized,maybe more filter types could be added over time-library style.

Didn't know that with the single exp. But it does not work as expected. It starts over - yes - but it creates kind of an offset LFO sinus modulation with a soft ease in. Sounds laggy and out of sync to me. Or did I something wrong?

I made a simple MIDI arpeggio loop with Synth1, chose a LP filter, enabled the MIDI button and took the single exp. as preset. The rate then adjusts the speed of the envelope, the modulation range the offset of the cutoff start. It kind of does a sweep down of the cutoff but without using the envelope (attack, decay, rms). And its clearly shifting over time.
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