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Didn't know that with the single exp. But it does not work as expected

ello- well as this is a new tool for all users and author themself- all are learning!
if you find any 'un'expected behaviours-sai'ke is your man- report everything to him please+ty as soon you find,for speedier possible fixes that may be required...
either in this thread as bug reports,or if sai'ke prefers pm..>? dunno,but i try to.

it would seem reasonable that every reaper js coder checks each other's code-so any gremlins can be eradicated --immediately-- and with better wisdom applied, the tools become greater,quicker for all to then enjoy.

*to add- typo's typing errors/duplicates are a very common coding error (i do it allll the time!! lol) -silly things like this can cause mega glitches in da matrixes-- so any findings of that type are really helpfull actually..
just yesterday i even spotted a typo in phead's r10 midi implementation charts-- and that's an officially released document... it happens.

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