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I can give a few examples that I am constantly up against.

Monitoring analog synth midi returns (whilst still composing)

The return of 4 channels of H8000FW, which gets tweaked all of the time in production, and only gets recorded when the mix FX is ready.

Tape delay return when tracking ideas, and only later wanting to record.

I have a second laptop with 8 outs returning into Reaper, where I may be sending multiple channels of midi, and returning back 4 instances of Kontakt.
Again - whilst a composition evolves, I don't want to record until later.
Then 2 iPads receiving midi from Reaper, returning audio or midi

So on a project with many ideas saved in multiple Reaper projects, I may for eg open up composition number 10 (with all of the various tracks looking like they are record armed - but most are record disabled, then upon listening I suddenly come up with a melody on vocal, guitar, or keys and want to instantly record the melody.

Depending on how the last saved state of the project I just opened - I cannot remember if 5 of my 150 tracks are record enabled / or not.
Meanwhile - I have 14 tracks returning from external stuff - that are red and could be record armed
I have to go and check the status of tracks before recording - in fear that I may record over something by mistake.

I find this way of working stressful.

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