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Hey, I will go into more detail later. This weekend I should have some time to look at these.

This thread is fine for suggestions. My reaper inbox tends to overflow and I constantly have to delete messages.

Eliseat/Bri; Re, the envelope thing, it has crossed my mind to maybe add a two slider LFO option with an attack and decay (LFO can be triggered by MIDI). But I'm running out of sliders fast (there's a limit of 64 sliders).

Maybe an alternative would be to have a button which switches the dynamic triggering mechanism to a binary mechanism. So instead of taking the RMS as input, make the RMS be driven by MIDI on and offs. On sets it to 1, off sets it to 0. Hitting two note on's means that you will need two note offs to go back to off state. Then you have a digital response on which the attack and decay can depend. In this way, I could probably tack that flag into an already existing flag and not lose a slider.

Let me think on this a bit more when I have more breathing room after my deadline on Friday

I also noticed the questionable stability of the diode ladder. That's one of two analog models that I did not develop myself. It seems to not behave nice for either very low, or very high cutoffs in combination with distortion. I've been meaning to have another look at it, to see if I can include some limiting mechanism somewhere in the solving algorithm to stabilize it some more, but I need some time to look and analyze the equations in more detail.

@foxAsteria; Might be the filter you're using. Some filters (the moogs and the narsty from the top of my head) don't behave nice with the spline waveshaper very frequently. They exhibit fairly frequent instability in that combo. For those filters, I excluded the option to set it to a spline. I should probably either grey out the option for those. If it happens for all filters, then that's a bug.

What I could do I guess is swap out the spline for those filters with an atan and still have the spline as predistortion.
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