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Originally Posted by Markdude View Post
Is there a way to control multiple parameters simultaneously?

I'm trying to set up a channel strip that uses FabFilter Pro Q. I've created some unique EQ shapes by using multiple bands that work together. Within FabFilter I can control-click the bands or hold the mouse button down while I drag and select the bands, and then adjustments affect all the selected bands. I want to replicate this behavior with LBX. Ideally I'd like to have one LBX button affect all the desired bands, but having multiple buttons is OK as long as there's a way to 'link' them so that twisting one of the buttons makes the others turn as well. Is there a way to do this?

I've tried control-clicking multiple parameters in LBX's parameter list for Pro-Q, and dragging those out into the workspace, but it still doesn't seem to be possible to manipulate them at the same time in Live mode. I've also tried using the Learn Parameter function while adjusting multiple parameters simultaneously in Pro-Q, but that doesn't work either (LBX still only learns the parameter for one of the EQ bands). And control-clicking both knobs and selecting "Group" doesn't achieve the desired result either.
At the moment this is not possible - but you have got me thinking about it

There are macro controls (in TRACK EDIT -> OTHER CONTROLS) - where you can control multiple parameters at once (Relative mode would get closest to what you're requesting). But this isn't as simple as simply clicking on multiple controls and then altering them relatively to eachother. You have to go into the macro edit screen and add the controls and set up how they respond to eachother.
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