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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Maybe an alternative would be to have a button which switches the dynamic triggering mechanism to a binary mechanism. So instead of taking the RMS as input, make the RMS be driven by MIDI on and offs. On sets it to 1, off sets it to 0. Hitting two note on's means that you will need two note offs to go back to off state. Then you have a digital response on which the attack and decay can depend. In this way, I could probably tack that flag into an already existing flag and not lose a slider.
This sounds very promising to me. An if its even easier for you to do it should be the best thing. Triggering note on/off over LFO would be confusing anyway in my opinion. Better make a small MIDI trigger button and use the given audio detection envelopes "attack, decay" to shape the envelope. But two "note on" commands should be prohibited as this makes no sense to me. If you play a chord this should be handled as one note on. (maybe the last played note) But I see where this ends. How to handle to close incoming "note on"s?

Hm, I have no idea.

But many thanks for your response.
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