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Hi sai'ke,

don't want to bother you to much as I see that you are busy at the moment. But some thoughts from me.

The problem is, you don't have voices like a synth. So it doesn't make sense to respect anything like that. There are of course some methods of how to handle MIDI triggering so that it is useful and musical. The big question is: What do if a second note on comes in without a note off before?

  1. First thing that comes to mind would be a synth bass. Those are mostly monophonic and should be handled like that. So you play the note, the envelope gets started. But you are right, this wouldn't make sense without a hold phase. Which implies that attack and decay wouldn't be enough? I don't know. In a mono synth the voice gets forced to stop at the moment you play the next note - then the whole envelope process starts again. Would perfectly fit into Filthers area. But this seems kind of irrational as you would have to force Filther to ignore the waiting for the first note off as it has to drop the first note on command completely.

  2. But there is of course Legato which gets offered by many mono synths too. This would mean the hold phase stays the same level (independent from LFOs) if the second note on comes in, which then only starts a note change but not a new amp or filter envelope in the synth. So this would also make sense for Filther. Note on comes in, envelope starts until hold phase, second note on comes in, hold phase stays until the last note off comes in to start the decay. (This is what you mean with counting.)

  3. So anything else should be covered with this two methods. If you play a pad with a chord, you probably would use the legato method. If you play a lead, you would use the monophonic method. The only thing I can imagine that would need more sophisticated handling would be legato with velocity or after touch, which then needs to get computed the average velocity of all notes or of the last one played.

The two methods would look like this:
  • First note on comes in - waiting for note off to start decay phase. If second note on comes in, stop waiting, start envelope again and wait for exactly one note off to start decay. (Ignoring the first completely)
  • First note on comes in - waiting for note off to start decay phase. If second/third/n's note on comes in, wait til every note off (counted) came in to start decay phase.

By the way: This would be a game changer as it offers so much more abilities for Filther in the dimension of timing. You could use slow attack or velocity sensible sounds without hesitating. Or take synth1, turn on a saw-tooth without filtering and start to mangle it with Filther as it would be part of the synth. Amazing!
It would be even more useful with velocity: Drum sounds which get filtered dynamically, bass sounds which would sound like directly filtered inside the synth. (This is one of the most missed features in RSO5000 for me.)

Anyway. This would be only the topping of the cake as Filther already is a great enrichment for Reaper and of course a stunning gift for the community.

Many thanks for your hard work.
Und Grüße us Kölle!
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