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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
I'm pretty sure that every tape machine I've ever had needed a track to be armed in order to actually monitor through it. I know that's how my hard disk recorders have worked. Pretty sure the ADATs were the same, and the 4 tracks before that.

Course, those were usually connected to a mixer where I could choose to hear either the input or the tape output (or both) so it wasn't issue.
Yeah, that matches how most of my tape machines work. To monitor inputs, I had to hold pause while pressing record. An exception was my Teac 3340s 4 track machine, where it would monitor (to output and to VU meters) either input or tape; there was a source switch for each track.

You might be able to do some trickery with actions, like create a custom action that switches record-arm and input monitoring on selected track(s), then assign key strokes to them.

Such as:
Track: Set track record monitor to on
Xenakios/SWS: Set selected tracks record armed


Track: Set track record monitor to off
Xenakios/SWS: Set selected tracks record unarmed

(Requires the SWS extension to be installed)
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