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No worries. I don't feel pressured. I will add and fix what I can, but make sure to do the stuff I have to do as well

Yeah, alright. Both legato and repeater modes should be doable I think. I will work on adding them over the weekend.

As for the comparison with synths, yes. Running filters of this type per voice would be way too expensive CPU-wise. If I ever do decide to make a synth (and that is a big if for now, as I want to get this one nice and stable first), I'd have to pick some of the cheaper filters and cheapen them a bit more even. The nonlinear MS-20 emu might be a contender for something like this. It sounds pretty non-linear but is still moderately easy on the CPU. Especially if I'd approximate the tanh with something a bit cheaper.

I originally set up filther with monophonic basses in mind (growling and grunting basslines and such). Drums were kind of an afterthought. For polyphonic heavy material, you're probably better off with a different solution, unless you want to use the cutting as a more artistic effect

Host tempo synchronization was on my list as well.

Re. the sensitivity, you mean for when you're controlling it via keyboard? Because when you control it via mouse, it'd seem very weird to me to have the mouse move twice as fast as the slider. Or is that what you mean?
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