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I originally set up filther with monophonic basses in mind (growling and grunting basslines and such). Drums were kind of an afterthought. For polyphonic heavy material, you're probably better off with a different solution, unless you want to use the cutting as a more artistic effect

^aye- i only really considered this mono thing as an afterthought actually, as a prime intended use for me might be mainly towards drum,or fast transient stereo feeds- the plug in seems more geared towards stereo signals-aside from the ms+mid/side options..
but a lot of people use only mono audio feeds per track,mixing all mono tracks for final stereos..
expense was always a thing with any types of filters on any devices for me over the years-- just disabling the filters alone,on some synths,can really be noticable for cpu cycles,especially with older spec systems like single cores+1gig ram machines,xp users etc...

i guess vst,or any other audio unit type,handles this info much differently,compared to js>?
all filtering processes still seems expensive even with the most modern coded plugins... dunnoez..
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