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Ghehe, cool samples!

And yeah, I notice that, and that is definitely not intended. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Changelog 1.47
- Overhauled sample accurate interpolation (again). Should be solid now. I suspect this is what caused that initial sweep in your test. Before, it would just interpolate automation between blocks. Now during the block update, it looks whether automation points are incoming, builds a list and runs through that list once getting to the sample processing. Again, this was a relatively big overhaul, so if there are issues, let me know.
- Added the additional filters to the slider so that it can be automated.
- Listen to all channels for note events instead of just midi channel 1.

There is still something I want to verify regarding the lookahead option. Something seems to act funny when changing the RMS time or turning lookahead on and off. For some reason, you have to re-initialize for that to normalize (just click anywhere in the track). I haven't quite pinpointed where that is coming from yet. I will test further next weekend.
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