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Originally Posted by Sju View Post
Just a quick bug report with the latest version:

if you adjust for example the cutoff modulation range with right-drag, the new range is not applied until after you move some other control that's not included in the FILTER block.

Cheers! Really enjoying the range of sounds this thing is capable of
Thanks! And fixed in 1.48!

Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
That's correct. Sometimes the filter jumps out of filtering and starts again if you click at the input/output or the waveshaper panel.
The MIDI timing is stunning. This is such a fun to just route a sample or a clean saw thru Filther with MIDI trigger ... (◕‿◕✿) AMAZING!

I will make further tests this week ...

Many thanks.
Jumps out of filtering? You mean the filter gets bypassed? Or there is suddenly no sound?

I'd be very interested in fixing this if I can find a way to reproduce it. I tried clicking the dynamics window, the waveshaper, but haven't been able to get it to either drop the sound or bypass the filter.


Changelog 1.50
- Big refactor of the code in preparation of the last thing that I want to add: A second filter that can be applied in series. Note that technically, you can fire it up already, but please don't because the routing is still subject to change. I have marked the filter 2 options with (DO NOT USE) for now. If you have any trouble with any of your existing presets, make sure that sliders marked with DO NOT USE are 0.
- This is the last time I change the slider numbers, I promise! Also, I ran out, so I couldn't add more even if I wanted to

I tested it, running at least all the presets that I've made myself so far, but still, 1.50 may be bumpy because it was a huge refactor. Please report any bugs that you encounter asap. I appreciate the continued patience

Thank you!
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