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Originally Posted by RJHollins View Post
lb0 ... we are not really connecting on what I'm describing ... or I'm not understanding the Use and Assignment of SLOTS.

Example: Say I have 14 EFX in a chain. I add a new plug [goes in at the bottom [#15] ...

Now say I want #15 to be moved to the top ... Slot #1.

If I Rt-Clk on the #15 plug, go to InfoCtl Setup, then SELECT FX Slot, It shows a CheckMark on the #4 SLOT [because of where I've Scroll the FX List to. But really ... the Plugin is at the #15 location in my FXChain.

If I still change the Slot ... say to #1 .... the Plugin does NOT move to the #1 Slot ... it only moves relative to where I have scrolled to.

Maybe there is another use for Slots that I don't see for using ?!?

It would be handy to be able to change a Chains ORDER right from STRIPPER.

hope this makes sense.

aha - no - to move a plug from one slot to another - simply left-click drag it to the slot you want it in (down side currently is you cannot mousewheel whilst dragging).

Also - press 1 and you get the fx order dialog popup. Another way - but until my next update - you cannot get to the GUI from this.
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