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Er well, I had one more idea...when you say you implemented some of these filters "from papers," do you mean schematics? In which case, how hard would it be to add a schematic from a vintage wah pedal? They look pretty simple, only a lot of variations. I've been trying to use Filther for this, since there are not a lot of good wah vst's out there and with this you could do abnormal things with it. Narsty and Modulator are working pretty good though...

On that note, when I try to learn one of the sliders with mod range to my MIDI controller, moving the control always makes the mod % parameter show up as last touched, regardless of whether I move it with RMB or LMB. There's also a lot of "zipper" action when modulating the cutoff via MIDI. Maybe needs a little inertia?
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