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- The LFO modulation should be set to be centered at the cutoff frequency. At the moment it moves inside the modulation range + or - what doesn't feel right. A sinus for example travels thru null to positive and negative values. Hence the LFO modulation should act like this and without the need of a positive or negative bias at the cutoff slider. LFO modulation range should just change how far the LFO travels out of the center of the actual cutoff frequency even without setting a modulation bias.

- The LFO frequency doesn't keep its values. If you save a preset at 1/64 speed and recall it, the slider is still at the far right position but the value is only 1/3.

- Though it is already possible to manipulate the cutoff via velocity thru cc it would be awesome to have this ability implemented in Filther. This would be awesome as it would complete this synth like feeling.
EDIT: (After last upgrade 1.54.) Just realized Filther doesn't recognize MIDI parameter link at the moment. It show the modulation indicator but doesn't change the cutoff.

- Some of the unstable filters just mess things up at a certain frequency or resonance. Wouldn't it be possible to decrease the slider (value) range of those filters rather then looking for a limiter kind of solution? (Have no idea. But if I take the Diode Ladder, which really sounds amazing - it stays (now) stable all the way of cutoff frequency if I don't move the resonance above 0.78. So for me this would make sense to cap the resonance at this point and restretch it over the slider or just make the value stop at 0.78 while the slider keeps its course without affecting anymore.)
EDIT: (After last upgrade 1.54.) The diode filter flips at other resonance spot. (Is it signal dependent? )

And finally I can't repeat how crazy and cool your Filther thing is. I made a lot of presets which still feels like its only 0.1 % of whats possible. Swapping the presets is like clicking thru synth presets. Such an impact is just stunning. Its amazing! I LOVE IT! (,)_\,,/

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