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Originally Posted by Enevelope Cruz View Post
Hi and thank you, Lokasenna, for the awesome script! It's so futuristic I wish it was a part of every OS

I'm new to Reaper (love it!) but I can't figure out one thing. I suspect the answer is simple but I've been looking for it for days now. I see that everyone here is using the script all over the DAW but..

When I open Actions list and select MIDI Editor in the top right Section drop down, Radial Menu is not on the list, so I cannot set a shortcut or run the script in MIDI Editor. I tried re-installing the script but in the script description itself it says: Action List: Yes (Main). I used ReaPack to install.

So what am I missing?
Hi and welcome to Reaper forums.
To run Radial Menu (RM) in MIDI editor, you can assign the same shortcut you assigned for RM in the 'Main' action section to the action 'Misc: Pass through key to main window' in the 'MIDI Editor' action section.
Also, note that for triggering MIDI actions you need to prefix the action Id's with 'midi' in RM.
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