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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
How did you get that second filter in there? I thought there weren't anymore sliders? No complaints, obviously...double the filthy fun!
I think you were delayed by one update. The post about the sliders running out was after that extra bank. They made the sliders run out . Went with x8 instead of x10, since x10 looked hideous

Inertia prototype is in. I dinked around a bit with a midi controller, it seems ok. It detects how fast you're moving and depending on that is quicker to move with. Adaptive inertia I guess.

- Some of the unstable filters just mess things up at a certain frequency or resonance. Wouldn't it be possible to decrease the slider (value) range of those filters rather then looking for a limiter kind of solution? (Have no idea. But if I take the Diode Ladder, which really sounds amazing - it stays (now) stable all the way of cutoff frequency if I don't move the resonance above 0.78. So for me this would make sense to cap the resonance at this point and restretch it over the slider or just make the value stop at 0.78 while the slider keeps its course without affecting anymore.)
Do you perhaps have a way to reproduce this thing with the diode ladder? Preferably on 1.60. I can't seem to find an input with which this happens.

Your LFO request from earlier can be found under the center button btw. Velocity not yet.

- When moving a cutoff so that the modulation range goes out of bounds, just cap it at the min/max, instead of changing the amount, so that when you bring it up/down again, the range is retained.
I had another look at this, and this would require quite some fiddling with the potential to make bugs. The reason it is trickier than it may seem is because I express the dynamic mod slider as a range from -1 to 1, where 1 equates to all the dynamic range from cutoff to the furthermost right point and -1 the same for left. The reason I did this was because it would make automating it easier (no moving center). For now I shelved it until I have a good idea how to do this without duplicating a bunch of state.
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