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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
For now I shelved it until I have a good idea how to do this without duplicating a bunch of state.
Two weeks ago I wouldn't have understand what you mean here. But I just started programing (raw beginner) an extension and experienced the same thinking. Just a simple feature like creating the time difference between string A and B took nearly 1/5 of the code. (Though I'm pretty sure this could be done much more cleverly.) But that is always something you have to mess with.

Anyway. Filther! This new center feature makes it feel alright. Many thanks for that. That makes more sense and offers a way better handling of automation, modulation and LFO at the same time. And it behaves pretty good if the boundaries are reached. Amazing! (。♥‿♥。)

There is no day I don't open Filther for at least a few minutes to let the bass waves wabble thru my belly!

Originally Posted by sai'ke
Do you perhaps have a way to reproduce this thing with the diode ladder? Preferably on 1.60. I can't seem to find an input with which this happens.
Yeah, I noticed that this was only a specific moment. Sorry for that misleading info. It depends on sound frequencies and input/output wave shaping settings. I tried the same filter with a hihat (dynamically with velocity) to see how this works and I wasn't able to raise the resonance. So yes, this obviously can't get managed with a fixed value or a specific range as those are changing with every new situation.
By the way. You meant, you think about implementing a limiting option for that. How could this be done? I experienced that in such cases the resonance just explodes and resonates for seconds (sometimes minutes) even if you turn the volume or the resonance down. (Auto mute inclusive.) Would it be possible to monitor the consistence of the signal to stop the resonance at a certain point of self resonating? I suspect if you only limit the signal it will not stop Filther from being irresponsible. I have no idea of how to handle it.
I remember using a plugin with self ringing filters which then got ducked/limited if it went to far and also kind of sucked the resonating tone away if you took the resonance value down.

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