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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
What is the difference to opening Filther in series? We could have even 4. What is the gain here?
1. CPU cost. Filther upsamples once, then waveshapers and filters, then downsamples. If you had 4, you'd be upsampling and downsampling four times. Considering filther is pretty hungry, this can be pretty important.
2. The two can use the same dynamics variable, hence have linked automation.
3. Cleaner. In series it would also not be the same. It depends on the filter, but the following processing series can happen (it's still on the to-do list to visualize this somewhere on the plug):
Waveshaper => Filter 1 => Filter 2
Filter 1 => Waveshaper => Filter 2
Filter 1 / Waveshaper inside => Filter 2

Filter 2 never uses the waveshaper, so it can usually be used to clean up the sound coming from Filter 1 and carve the harmonics a bit before the downsampling and output. Whenever you do lowpassing with filter 2, you also reduce aliasing.
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