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Just a few suggestions.

- The ramp down LFO is some kind of not aligned to the MIDI clock. Its supposed to create tight spikes in the rhythm like a 1/16 fast rhythm over a 1/8 MIDI input. But this is not working as the LFO is shifted in time. (Its offset is wrong i guess. So the ramp doesn't start at 0 but at 50 % or something.)

- I made a lot new presets and something come to mind what would be a great option. Its the ability to separate the LFO from dynamics. If you want to use a second filter only for coloring with a nice cutoff sinus LFO sweep but without dynamical influence its not possible at the moment. In my opinion it could be just two little switches right next to the filter box title to turn on/off "DYN" or "LFO".

- Today I ran into a total overflow of Filther. As I described already I wasn't able to do anything. Neither changing the filter type nor turning resonance or output down. The channel was auto muted for about a minute and while I was trying to turn it on again a sudden crackle or explosion like sound appeared and everything was okay.
I was not able to reproduce it. It happened when I turned the waveshaper on in dynamics. I did the same again afterwards but this time it didn't happen.

- Another thing I recognized was that the newer presets have the filter II controls at null. But your older presets have them to max which means that someone who doesn't take care and turns on the second filter gets a 100% resonance.
Maybe this could be changed in batch mode, I don't know.

Anyway, the more I play with Filther, the more I get astound. The second filter option is such a boost in shaping and fatness. Take a phaser like filter in slot 1, a nice second LP filter and turn the waveshaper to something really nasty and you get sounds like in wavetable synths. If we could run the second filter only with LFO this would be even more "knarzing". My head! This is so hard and fat!
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