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Perhaps the mounting of these microphones is a bit different, more conducive to ground loop issues if they're present. If the ground of the mic is set up a certain way, and the mic stand grounds when it shouldn't, you can get a ground loop. It'll depend on your entire system (mic, stand, cable, preamp, computer, your headphones and you if you're touching any part of the system). But if you can at least try removing the mics from the stand and isolating them (lay them on something which isn't conductive), see if that helps. If it does, you might need to mount them to the stand differently or choose a stand which insulates differently (larger rubber feet, some kind of isolating mic mount, etc.)

Also, when you rotate the mics does the noise increase or decrease? Single-ribbon mics are more prone to interference than dual-ribbon mics (which are effectively wired up as "humbuckers"). If a mic is more prone to picking up noise, you can possibly choose to orient it such that it doesn't pick up the noise (then move the source relative to the mic as needed).
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