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Default Okay, this really IS great

I really have to say thank you! I know this has been said before but today I gave it a first try.
That is soooo awesome!
Actually, that is what I was waiting for.
I found out that I used to purchase plugins because I was never satisfied with the layout. I mean, how many plugins does one REALLY need? I couldn't modify the existing ones so I tried to write my own...What a pain in the a... just to get my own preferred layout. However I always had fun designing the GUI. And here your amazing script came in handy.
When you play around and create your own GUI it is so easy to forget that this is not a new plugin you are enjoying. Just a new look and feel.
Right now, I'm building my essential "balance-the-mix plugin". I love the look and the ballistics of old german plasma meters so I created one. In combination with Meldas MUtility-Plugin it works like a charm. It is calibrated to show the K-14 scale, just like Reapers Masterchannel, but waaaay smoother.
The problem is I love realistic graphics so it took me the whole afternoon to make the plasma meter as realistic as possible. :-D
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