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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Yeah - overlapping controls is not possible in Stripper - would be way way too much wasted CPU dealing with this. It might work if you use a transparent control graphic for the macro control (so you could only have a 'box' type control) - then overlay the 'meter' linkid control - and in page 3 of CTL OPTIONS - tell the macro control to bypass drawing background (top 3 options), and make sure the 'meter' control is set to click-through.

This might work if you really want to save that space.

EDIT: Yes - just tested and this seems to work ok.
Ok ... trying to get this working over here.

First ... the Control Macro needs to be able to move through values ... I chose a Knob for that. [the 2 knobs BEING controlled are Hidden].

So this main Macro ... needs to be a Knob [at least], unless there is another way [i don't know]. When I RT-Clk on Macro Knob, I UN-check VISIBLE. Is this the reference to 'transparent'?

Then I do the things for the Display.

Now I'm not able to move the Hidden Knob to change values.

I'm not doing this right ... am I :|
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