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Well ... thanks for the pointers, helping me implement a useful feature into my STRIP.

After several attempts, I finally found/learned the right way to connect the various LBX features. YEAH.

This new addition now allows even more time spent using the LBX GUI, and less time having to go back into the actual FX chains for modifications.

For those following along [sorry 'bout that] ... The A/B Matched Level plugins are used as bookends around each plugin in my chain. [as well as a Master instance that spans the entire chain]. They work in pairs. [32 in total].

From the LBX GUI, I've been able to link Buttons to control Bypass functions, as well as Meter the 'difference' values from each plugin [as well as a Reset button].

I can then use the EQ band, make any sonic changes, monitor the Output Level of the plugin, and then adjust that plugins Output Gain based upon what A/B reports.

If I needed to use another LBX Strip on another track, I also needed to be aware of the LinkID channels being used. There can NOT be duplicate use as this confuses the A/B function.

This meant manually changing these LinkID's. Each one separately. Not a big deal, but time consuming ... and in the chain, easy to forget what ID#, etc.

Now through the LBX, I can control BOTH pairs of LinkID's from a single, numeric slider box, to scroll through the ID#s. And I can also see all the ID# right from the LBX GUI.

It took a bit of setting up, but once in Session, will be most useful to me.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, and an obvious HUGH thanks for LBX.
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