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Default Addictive Drums crashes Reaper


Struggling with Addictive Drums here. Plug sets up correctly, both in full multi-channel mode and in plain stereo. Dragging certain midi patterns from the list of patterns in the plug's interface onto the track where the plug is set up brings up a sheet "MIDI file import options" with two check boxes "Expand source tracks to new REAPER tracks" and "Merge source tempo map to project tempo map at nn.n.nn". I OK the sheet with nothing checked. I want the midi files to run at the project tempo. Reaper crashes. If I click on Cancel instead of OK, Reaper crashes also.

I am using the VST version. The AU version of the plug causes Reaper to complain about the routing. The plug's interface does not redraw if the window is resized; but closing it and opening it again fixes that.

If someone can work on this, I can go through the list of midi patterns and send info on which ones are the trouble makers.

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