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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
Thanks Jeffos! However, I still have questions. For example, is there a way to Loop X number of times, X being the number of selected items?
No, not yet. I have these kind of things in mind though..
Originally Posted by Amazed View Post
Eh Jeffos. Thanks for the great updates. Is !MyButtonText still supposed to work on action steps?

I cant get the text on my steps to show on toolbar buttons.
Yes, I removed this feature recently: "!Stuff" used to display "Stuff" in button toolbars' tooltips. Unfortunately, it was broken following some (inconsistent, IMHO) user requests :/
There's still a feature with "!some text" though: when the option "Consolidate undo points" is ticked, steps like !blabla or !foo provide custom/distinct undo point names for each step ("Undo foo", "Undo blabla").
When you use simple ! steps, the undo point name is the cycle action name.
Originally Posted by witti View Post
Is there someone who can confirm all this ?
Yes, I can. Just an update: I have the fixes but one is very touchy and requires serious tests => Gimme 2 weeks! (tm)
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