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Originally Posted by Stabenfeldt View Post
Thank you!

I used VVAudio's VVOctoEncode for the encoding, which lets me use the correct calibration files for this particular mic, and IEM's binaural decoder.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you get the time to listen. Can't decide if I'm hearing sonic artifacts in the higher frequencies, 8 kHz and up, or if it's just in my head. A mild case of tinnitus can make certain recordings a bit confusing.
For me it's tough to listen for sonic artifacts above 8kHz with these type of recordings (i.e. water) I think they sound pretty cool, though!

What I actually do hear is what sounds like some low frequency noise, maybe from the 2nd Order Components. Did you use any of the noise reduction stuff for this mic? What is your experience with using the OctoEncode settings to reduce noise?
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