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Hey, sorry for the late reply!

I've made the A-format files available if you're still interested:

And here's more about the capsule / channel sequence:

I finally got the chance to listen with a headtracker, and it felt like something weird was happening to the high mid frequencies, like a mouthy, "sucking in", sound, almost metallic sounding, if that makes any sense, but my mac kept crashing while I was using the headtracker, so I've put that aside for now and just use a scene rotator instead. Didn't notice any low freq noise though.

About the different encoding options in the VVOctoEncode vst, from Core Sound's site:

"VVOctoEncode allows you to select among three options during encoding.
The first option has the least processing noise and provides excellent spatial location cues.
The second option adds a slight amount of processing noise but has slightly stronger spatial location cues.
The third option adds a bit more processing noise but has even slightly stronger spatial location cues."

I used the third one for rendering these. I used a foam wind screen while recording, but haven't used any noise reduction, EQ or anything else in post.
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